A story that goes back a long way.

Our document management

We have very clear ideas about the dematerialisation of documents.

Because we have played a pioneering role in the evolution of document management in all its forms since the early 1970s.

Requiro by Archiva Group services are the result of all our experience, for the management of all your document dematerialisation projects.

This is what Requiro offers you: state-of-the-art document management and the expertise of a team of over 150 professionals in 3 European countries to follow and assist you wherever your business is located..

gestione documentale
document management

Sustainability that is more than a trend.

From dematerialisation to data management in the digital age

In the history of Archiva we find document archiving dating back to 1974, when the then Sip microfilm operated in the dematerialisation and cataloguing of paper archives, such as libraries or land registers, transferring their contents onto 16mm microfilm.

The birth of Archiva marked the transition to digital dematerialisation of paper documents, with the ability to query archives and extract data much more efficiently.

We carved out a pioneering role for ourselves by strongly believing in technologies that could eliminate dusty paper archives, but at the same time improve workers' quality of life and production efficiency.

With our services you not only eliminate paper, but also avoid wasting the most precious resource of all: Time.

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“Even today we imagine companies without photocopiers.”

The difference.
We design YOUR document management together

As a company responsible for data, you have a duty to comply with the security and privacy regulations in force. But you also have the right to work efficiently and manage your documentation as best you can. Our job is to design the best way for you to do this.

With Requiro Cloud we have built a set up of services and related technologies, exclusively designed and conceived to meet the operational needs of companies while respecting the uniqueness of their workflows.

The Requiro Cloud platform integrates seamlessly with your ERP systems and offers all the essential services for efficient document management, with the ability to add additional modules and build new ones tailored to your business.

Requiro Cloud

Developed to meet the specificities of your business.

Services that evolve with the market, the standards in force and YOUR business.

Change is the constant of the digital age, so the ability to intercept and adapt services and technologies to an ever-changing reality is what makes us unique.

Regulatory changes and market fluctuations impose ever new business strategies. Document and data management must adapt and generate value without adding criticality.

Choosing Requiro by Archiva Group means staying focused on tomorrow, being ahead of the times and relying on services and technologies that are always up-to-date with local and global regulatory developments.

And taking your business anywhere in the world.


Security. Our priority and our duty.

We guarantee the security and availability of YOUR data, through technologies and processes certified by no less than 11 ISOs.

More than 1500 companies have chosen us for our ability to protect their most valuable data: processes, personnel documentation and adopted technologies certified and guaranteed to the highest ISO quality standards.

From service continuity to personal data protection, the Archiva Group IMS (Information Management System) guarantees maximum reliability of Requiro services.

Find out how we put data security at the heart of everything we do.

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