Electronic signature

A quick way to validate all your documents.

Since 2019, the number of companies that have chosen the benefits of digital signatures has increased by 55%: a real revolution in business processes that allows you to sign digital documents quickly, easily and with maximum security, with the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

The advantages of electronic signatures

Lighten the workload of administrative tasks, e.g. issuing invoices, quotes, commercial contracts, but also accounting, legal and HR tasks and enter the future of document validation.


Documents can be signed remotely, and thanks to the speed and convenience of signing processes that use easily installable devices, any unnecessary steps can be eliminated.


The digitally signed document is unalterable and traceable.


Reduce the costs of mailing, document archiving and electronic validation of paper documents.


  • Increased business efficiency for 58% of respondents.
  • Quick access to information and documents for 58% of respondents.
  • Reduction in costs for 44%.
  • Better cooperation for 35%.
  • Compliance with regulations in force for 35%.

Security and functionality for every signature requirement

Requiro by Archiva Group helps you structure a digital signature process that suits your needs thanks to three different security levels:

Simple Electronic Signature 

This does not involve the use of tools to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the signed document and no recognition is required.

Advanced Electronic Signature

This provides greater security as it is linked solely to the signatory and the means used to create it are under his or her exclusive control. In this case, self-identification by means of acquisition of an identity document is required.

Qualified Electronic Signature

This uniquely identifies the holder and is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. Recognition is through RAO or SPID or CIE credentials.

Requiro by Archiva Group provides you with a complete, secure and easy-to-use integrated signature solution.

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