Electronic invoicing is not the same for everyone!

The Requiro by Archiva Group electronic invoicing service, customisable to YOUR needs.

electronic invoicing

Is your administration in full control of the invoicing process, or does invoicing control the administration?

All companies invoice, but their objectives, sectors and processes can be very different, despite regulatory obligations.

Each CFO has their own needs dictated by the peculiarities of the business and the company structures.


Requiro allows you to have a modular e-invoicing service designed around your company's unique needs, always within the limits and in compliance with regulations. All documents and their attachments are stored in accordance with the Requiro by Archiva Group system.

Two customisable modules and ad hoc tools to facilitate the work of the administration.

accounts receivable module

Accounts Receivable Module

It manages the entire process of sending receivable customer/PA invoices through the most suitable interchange channel (e.g. Italian Interchange System SdI, Peppol).

accounts payable module

Accounts Payable Module

It manages the entire process of receiving invoices payable from its suppliers through all interchange channels (e.g. government portals, Peppol, analogue documents).

Accounts receivable billing cycle

The Accounts Receivable module sorts and sends invoices through the most suitable data interchange systems (e.g. SdI, Peppol or dedicated connection) and takes care of digital storage in compliance with current regulations. All documents are issued by Archiva Group on behalf of your company, complete with qualified electronic signature where necessary (e.g. SdI).

accounts receivable billing cycle

You can send your data by choosing between three structuring modes:


Already formatted XML track: you only have to enter the data in the fields.


A data model in CSV format defined by Requiro, from which we will extract the data.


Digitisation and Conversion into XML of the company layout (e.g. IDOC SAP).

Checks and outcomes

Requiro Cloud automatically checks document statuses, updates them and notifies you by email of the outcomes of the invoice sent. The results can be integrated into your own accounting systems in various ways (e.g. Web Services).

checks and outcomes

Customised services for the accounts receivable cycle

For all companies that need customised tools and flows, we provide consultants and project managers to design an ad hoc structured service.


It completes your invoice filing index with additional data of your choice, even from external data sources. It transforms the document search process with an agile and fast tool.

Module for writing invoice documents

It gives your employees the opportunity to create their own electronic documents in Requiro Cloud.

Customised attachment management

Attach and enrich documents with attachments in different formats (e.g. PDF). Uploading can be manual to Requiro Cloud or fully automatic.

Invoice reporting and tracking

Receive detailed reports of invoices sent automatically and with predefined deadlines, directly by e-mail or on company servers via SFTP.

Automatic management of delivery failure notifications

(only for Italian market)

Send the PDF copy of the invoice, flagged by the SdI or another channel as undelivered, to your contacts yourself.

Invoice reprocessing

(only for Italian market)

In the event of a notification of rejection or dismissal of the document, you will be able to reprocess the invoice, making any changes manually before sending it (so-called stop&go).

Virtual stamps

(only for Italian market)

Checks the payment requests received quarterly from the Inland Revenue and adds the virtual stamp function that allows you to filter documents with stamps in the document search and carry out the appropriate checks.

Web service for receiving files

Send files to Requiro via sFTP or use our web service: you will be able to track the path of the document at every stage and receive notifications when the status changes.

Stop&go invoice service

Block invoices before transmission to the recipient, so that changes and corrections can be made manually before sending.

Accounts payable billing cycle

The Accounts Payable Module receives and manages invoices (electronic and non-electronic) received from your suppliers, storing them digitally in accordance with current legislation.

It integrates with the Requiro Exchange app, where you can check the transit status of documents at any time on the different interchange channels, and with the Requiro HUB app, where you can find all the documents filed and stored following approval.

accounts payable billing cycle

Customised services for the accounts payable cycle

Pre-registration of supplier invoices

More than a service, it is a real workflow for pre-registration of supplier invoices, which can arrive in Archiva in either paper or digital format. The process after activation involves:


Normalization of paper documents

 Archiva staff will remove staples, fix defective documentation, affix the 'Postal Protocol' barcode and prepare the file for subsequent scanning.


Scan documents up to A3 size in 200dpi greyscale resolution to minimise file clutter on servers.

Receipt of digital documents

Incoming digital files are automatically identified and sorted for further processing.

Automatic validation

OCR software reads the information on the document and transforms it into metadata in the associated search fields.

Customised validation

Customised validation allows you to directly enter the metadata envisaged in the plan and to check the data developed by the automatic process.

Publication on Requiro Cloud

The processed document is made available on the platform.

Protocol enhancement and document enrichment

In the post-publication phase, you can add information and attached documents that are reconciled with the main document on Requiro Cloud.

Additional documents attached to supplier invoices

The service allows suppliers' invoices stored in Requiro to be supplemented by an attached document in PDF format, which contains additional information requested by the customer. In compliance with current legislation, the service does not affect the original file, but adds a page to the pdf version of the invoice.


In case of a "reverse charge" invoice, as per Circular No. 14 of 17/06/2019, this service is necessary and mandatory for the inclusion of the following minimum information:

  • Article (compulsory if excluded, non-taxable or exempt transactions are involved. In this case the reference to the EC or national standard must be indicated).
  • Notes (optional).
  • Taxable amount (mandatory).
  • Tax (mandatory).
  • Amount

The service includes receiving the information via SFTP from the customer, processing it within the Requiro by Archiva Group systems and generating a PDF file. The attached document is therefore published.

Requiro Cloud in image format and linked to the related invoice document. Within the page is the hash of the invoice to which the attached document refers, as required by the regulations.

VAT group management

The VAT group, a scheme introduced with a view to simplification by the 2017 Budget Law, provides for the possibility for VAT entities established in Italy to which financial, economic and organisational constraints apply, to form, upon option, a single taxable entity for VAT purposes.

Requiro by Archiva Group therefore provides the possibility for companies linked by financial, economic and organisational interests to create a single group, considered as a single taxpayer (for VAT purposes only) for the tax authorities.

XML transformation

Provides for the processing of a structured data path different from the original file, such as:

  • Flat file (txt) - any structured text file (single or multi records).
  • Csv.
  • EDI standards (EDIFACT, ANSI, etc.).
  • Formats structured based on ERP standards (IDOC, etc.).
  • The track that your ERP already provided.

Pre-accounting on ERP

In addition to viewing the documents on your Requiro Cloud, the data will be available in the format of your choice for pre-accounting on your ERP.

Manual uploading

For uploading to Requiro Cloud any payable invoices that have not been received by the Requiro by Archiva Group systems.

Not only SdI
Intra Extra-EU Invoicing

"We export our services to more than 31 countries worldwide".

Requiro Cloud is able to manage document flows towards different interchange hubs, from the classic Italian Interchange System for Italian invoicing, to the management of public health orders through the Italian National Health System's electronic ordering (NSO) channel.

When invoicing across countries, it is necessary to find the right balance between flexibility (given the different regulations applied), tax compliance and standardisation of the service, in order to have the confidence to handle future foreign markets.

not only sdi

The Requiro international e-invoicing service has a modular, flexible structure that can be customised according to the markets in which your company operates.

1. Creation of input files

in any format or directly within Requiro Cloud.

2. Communication of the file to Archiva

via SFTP or Web Service.

3. Mapping of the file

applying all necessary transcodings and/or additions by Archiva.

4. File validation

applicable in all cases where there is no central system (such as in Italy).

5. Communication of the file to the recipient

according to the method chosen by the recipient (e.g. PEPPOL or e-mail channel).

6. Compliant digital storage

within Requiro Cloud.


Peppol. Your business in Europe

Requiro services are designed to take your business beyond national borders.

Peppol originated as part of the project to create a European digital single market, with the ultimate aim of providing an infrastructure and a technical protocol to simplify digital procurement operations.

Peppol (Pan-European Public On Line) is the future of the European market: fast, efficient and borderless.


The Requiro Cloud e-Invoicing service integrates dematerialised, secure and standardised management of order cycle documents to all European economic operators and public administrations.

Beyond EUROPEAN borders

Archiva Group consultants for global document processes.

With Peppol, your business goes beyond the European borders to Australia, Canada and Singapore.

But Requiro Cloud takes you even further, to countries not yet included in the pan-European system.

Archiva Group consultants design global document processes for your company, to free your business from technological constraints and build a truly international document network.

Our partnership with PAGERO, a Swedish company with a global presence in more than 30 countries in 4 continents, allows us to quickly implement new processes essential to the development of your business and to reach new markets in full compliance with local regulations and technological resources.

beyond european borders

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