Digital archiving
A new vision.

The Requiro by Archiva Group digital archiving service: accessible and secure.


The digital archiving of documents is something that goes far beyond the issues of dematerialisation and compliant storage.

Electronic document archiving is a powerful tool that transforms your workflows and makes them more agile and smart. As a CFO, think about how much data and how many insights are concealed in paper documentation.

Having a digital archive of digitised documents, containing organised, secure and always available data to feed analytical tools such as BI and Qlik Sense, will enable data-driven approaches, optimise processes and restore the strategic importance of data.

Electronic preservation

The Requiro Digital Archiving service is complete and secure: your documents are stored in compliance with Italian and international legislation, in line with the highest standards of quality, security and business continuity. This allows us to also offer digital storage services to foreign markets: Requiro can also store your documents outside your own country, following your business wherever it is in the world.

From paper to digital

Dematerialising and archiving, but how? All you have to do is provide us with the physical documents, and we'll take care of the rest: Archiva's staff will receive, standardise, scan and validate all the paper documents you want to archive, and make it available, already indexed, on the Requiro Cloud portal, from which you can search all the fields present.

from paper to digital

Manufacturing process

The standard service includes the following steps:

1. Paper document standardisation

The Requiro by Archiva Group staff will remove staples, correct any anomalous documentation and, where required, add the separator or talking barcode, used to associate the document with a specific record layout.

2. Scanning

Documents (up to A3 size) are scanned and digitised in greyscale at 200dpi, providing the best balance between high quality and minimum file size for quick and easy reference.

3. Validation

The documents are checked and catalogued according to the standards laid down in the service agreements. During the validation process, the desired metadata foreseen in the design phase are also inserted in addition to those already present in the standard service.

4. Reporting and support

Any anomalies detected will be communicated to you through a special report. For any support request, our Customer Care team will be at your service through Archiva Group's online ticketing platform.

5. Publication on Requiro Cloud

The processed document is made available on the platform.

Adding supplementary data

Each document is unique, each workflow has its own particularities. Requiro helps you not to lose any valuable data and allows you to enrich your documents with protocol data and additional information, which are superimposed on the image of the main document.

Digitisation and archiving

The digitisation and archiving service enables you to archive and store your digital documents, but above all to make data and information available efficiently. We can process all the document classes that you wish to archive and store, with no limits on type.

digitisation and archiving

Working process

The process of digitising and archiving documents of digital origin consists of the following steps:

1. Document acquisition

Documents are received securely via encrypted sFTP channel and converted to PDF format.

2. Indexing

The digital images are indexed on the basis of the data extracted from the document itself.

3. Standard checks

The system independently carries out standard checks such as the continuity of numbers or other counters defined by you during the design phase. 

4. Reporting and support

Any anomalies detected will be communicated to you through a special report, and you will be supported by our Customer Care team and Archiva Group's online ticketing platform.

Adding supplementary data

This customisation of the service allows you to enrich your documents with protocol data and additional information, which are superimposed on the image of the main document.

XML file storage

This customisation provides for the archiving and regulation-compliant storage of XML files of:

Electronic invoices for accounts receivable
Outcomes of invoices for accounts receivable
Electronic invoices received from suppliers

It is aimed at those who use Requiro by Archiva Group services for issuing or receiving electronic invoices, such as SAP's eDocument, but still want an excellent file compliant storage service. Requiro staff take care of indexing the information contained in the XML files and publishing the data in the respective document classes accessible in Requiro Cloud.

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