Compliant storage

From dematerialisation to the legal value of your documents.

There is only one way to get rid of paper and give your digital documents the same legal authenticity: compliant digital preservation.

Compliant, because integrity, reliability, readability and traceability must meet legally established quality standards.

Digital storage turns a legal obligation into an opportunity to streamline document management and processes, and have access to indexed and always available information.

compliant storage
compliant storage the service

The service

The service allows the certified online display of computer documents and dematerialised paper documents as provided for by law and AgID regulations and described in the new technical rules of the "Distribution Package".

Document classes

Which document classes should be sent to the Storage System.


How often should documents be sent to the Storage System?

Storage plan

How long documents should be kept for.

The documents covered by the service can be displayed in accordance with the law by requesting the formation of the Distribution Package as defined in the Archiva Group's Storage Manual and published at

This proves the correct storage of documents by signing the storage index with a qualified certificate and affixing a time stamp issued by a certified body.

Documents stored through the service can be viewed directly in the Requiro Cloud.

Quality and security

Our storage services have a very strict Quality and Security Policy, with the sole objective of achieving the best results in terms of quality and maintenance of standards over time.

The fundamental objective of the company's policy is to maintain the certification of its "Integrated Security and Quality Management System", implemented in accordance with UNI/EN ISO 27001:2013, in which it has obtained regular certification, currently in force.

Archiva Group is the first ISO 27001-certified operator not only for the service it provides but also for the production of software.

compliant storage quality and security

Fiscal controls

In the event of a tax audit, it is possible to ask Archiva Customer Care to create a dedicated auditor account with customised document access rights.

The service tracks access and ensures the confidentiality of passwords and the transparency of the auditor's work in compliance with the regulations on the processing of data by electronic means.

Digital storage for foreign companies

Requiro's Digital Archiving service is complete and secure: your documents are stored in compliance with Italian and international legislation, in line with the highest standards of quality, security and business continuity.

This allows us to also offer digital storage services to the foreign market: Requiro can also store your documents outside Italy, following your business wherever it is in the world.

The ongoing update of Regulation (EU) 910/2014, known as eIDAS, will introduce, among other things, a new trust service called eArchiving that will therefore allow all operators to overcome any current restrictions.

digital storage for foreign companies

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