SAP integration

SAP is the most widely used ERP solution in Italy, chosen by more than 7,000 Italian companies to manage their data and business processes.

Requiro embraces the SAP philosophy and elevates it to a new level, natively integrating all Requiro Cloud services and combining the best of both worlds into a single control centre within the management system.

Integration ensures that the finance processes are adapted to meet the needs of the department, comply with the regulations in force and ensure the security of the data processed.

Archiva Group has dedicated a whole team of SAP certified experts to assist you in each of your integration projects, offering you the highest standards of service and competence.

sap integration

Why integrate digital archiving and e-Invoicing services with SAP?

Reduction of costs

related to the document management process.

Reducing the time

needed to consult documents, record, reconcile and correct any errors.

Regulatory compliance

through full integration with other stages of the digital document preservation process.

Increased productivity

due to the use of a single platform.

Reduced complexity

in the management of activities, resulting in fewer errors.

Electronic invoicing

A single point of control over the e-Invoicing process.

The electronic invoicing service provided by Requiro integrates seamlessly into SAP and speeds up all the activities involved in creating, sending and receiving electronic invoices, providing a single point of control over the entire invoicing process, for both accounts payable and accounts receivable, from the inception of the document to its storage.

sap electronic invoicing

Thanks to our team of experts, we can integrate this service directly into the SAP environment and guarantee you:


of time-consuming activities for your employees.

65% reduction

in invoice processing, reconciliation and error correction times.


in operational complexity and the risk of error.


of administrative and fiscal sanctions thanks to full compliance with the legislation.

100% elimination

of postage and document sharing costs

Digital archiving

From paper to digital and from digital to useful data - Reducing paper and promoting scanning in the accounts payable cycle.

Dematerialisation eliminates waste, increases the value of information, simplifies searches and streamlines work.

There is no reason to stick to paper, except for the minimum required by law.

Requiro's digital archiving is the perfect complement to SAP: data is collected directly from the document, recorded and made available directly on the system.

Your employees will be able to process documents directly in the SAP business workplace where they will find all the documents to be recorded. Here they are organised in the form of items on which they can perform operations guided by a workflow designed to meet the specific needs of your company.

sap integration digital archiving

What are the advantages of integrating the payment cycle dematerialisation service with SAP?

Immediate availability

and speed of document consultation directly in SAP.

Reduction in the time

needed to complete the bookkeeping process.

Outsourcing of the role

of producer of the payment package.


of document management costs.

Better control

over the payment process.

Streamlining administrative processes

Digitally archiving documents in the company streamlines the work of the entire administration department.

Integrating digital archiving into SAP and making it compliant with the standard means eliminating another layer of criticality and moving towards an increasingly lean and error-proof workflow.

Your administration department will reduce the time needed to process accounts receivable and accounts payable documents thanks to the indexing and easy consultation of these directly from SAP. At the same time it will reduce the risk of errors and loss of information since the documents in the ERP and storage systems will be unambiguous.



A process that has the potential to:

  • Increasing productivity.
  • Reducing the cost of document management.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce search times for the archived documents.
  • Eliminate the risk of information loss and service interruption.

Certifications - CFO Connector

Automatic registration of invoices.

CFO Connector is Requiro's SAP-certified tool for completely transforming the invoice registration process that guarantees full compatibility and operation with the world's most popular ERP.

The internal OCR engine reads paper invoices, pdfs and related documents, extracts the information and imports it natively in SdI XML and/or UBL-PEPPOL format into SAP, where it can be searched according to the indexed data or sent directly to Italian and European interchange systems.

The CFO Connector multi-level approval workflow takes into account the different roles in the process and allows you to add new rules, differentiating the tools by approver and administration user to avoid unnecessary steps or requests.

sap certificazioni cfo connector

Using the CFO Connector allows you to:

Reduce the processing time

of invoices by bringing forward the registration of those that do not require approval.

Improve the collaboration

between the departments involved.

Improve the reading

of records by accessing up-to-date data and eliminating errors due to incorrect information exchange.

Avoid the loss

of documents.

Increase the speed

of data capture through constant information alignment between SAP and Requiro Cloud.

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