Requiro Cloud

Dedicated to CFOs, Legal and HR Manager, Requiro Cloud is the platform that brings together all the document management services provided by Archiva Group.


requiro cloud

Advantages of Requiro Cloud


All document processes for dematerialisation, invoicing, archiving and compliant storage in a single platform integrated with SAP or your trusted ERP.


Many collaborations, management and control tools ensure secure data that is always available and strictly in line with Italian, European and international legislation.


A team of over 150 employees in 3 European countries to offer support wherever your business is located.

Requiro Cloud in numbers


Gigabyte archived


Virtual archives.

> 15.000

Active services per day.

Basic features

Requiro Cloud, a new vision for data management.

single sign on

Full access to all resources and Requiro Apps with single-sign-on authentication.

google authenticator

Ready for access with Google Authenticator.


Receive notifications and alerts directly in the platform.


Continuously updated through videos and exclusive in-depth articles.


Simple and immediate assistance with the dedicated online ticketing platform.

All Requiro Cloud Apps

Document Classes and Multichannelling

"What you need, wherever you want it".

A single, always accessible, always compliant platform to meet all your company's document management needs.

More than 900 document classes managed.

Requiro Cloud manages over 900 document classes, or types of document to be stored, with all the features to make the document searchable and manageable throughout its life cycle. A comprehensive, reasoned and constantly updated list that leaves nothing to chance.

Not only SdI.

We export our services to more than 31 countries worldwide.

Requiro Cloud is able to manage document flows towards different interchange hubs, from the classic SdI for Italian invoicing, to the management of public health orders through the NSO channel.

Peppol. Your business in Europe.

Requiro services are designed to take your business beyond national borders. Peppol (Pan-European Public On Line) is the future of the European market: fast, efficient and borderless.

Requiro Cloud is a Peppol-ready platform, enabled for dematerialised, secure and standardised management of order cycle documents to all economic operators and European public administrations.


Electronic invoicing

Beyond EUROPEAN borders.

Requiro consultants for global document processes.

With Peppol your business goes beyond the European borders to Australia, Canada and Singapore.

But Requiro Cloud takes you even further, to countries outside the pan-European system. Archiva Group consultants design global document processes for your company, to free your business from technological constraints and build a truly international document network.

Our partnership with PAGERO, a Swedish company with a global presence in more than 30 countries in 4 continents, allows us to quickly implement new processes essential to the development of your business and to reach new markets in full compliance with local regulations and technological resources.


Electronic invoicing

EDI. Always in touch with your company's stakeholders.

Requiro Cloud facilitates EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) network interchange and inter-company communication of business documents in standard formats.

Archiva Group consultants will design your EDI network together with you, giving you the freedom to manage your document control in Requiro Cloud.

integrated apps

Beyond the Requiro Apps

A set of integrations with the best digital tools to enhance the governance and efficiency of your processes.

Customer Care

“Customer experience, beyond the slogan”.

Requiro Customer Care is a group of professionals dedicated to supporting your daily work.

Requiro Cloud is integrated with Archiva Group's customer care ticketing platform, based on Atlassian Jira Service Management technology, which guarantees a high level of collaboration between the customer, customer care and internal departments.

The fluidity of the communication flow together with a constant tracking of activities allows you to monitor the status of the open requests at any time.