Requiro Sign

The digital signature app that understands your business needs.

Requiro Sign is the app designed to offer you an Electronic Signature solution integrated within the Requiro Cloud platform.

A comprehensive tool that covers the entire document validation process, from the simple collection of the signature to its compliant storage.

Requiro Sign is comprehensive for you and convenient for your signatories, who can sign and accept documents using any mobile or desktop device, directly from their browser.

requiro sign
requiro sign

Types of signature

Requiro Sign supports all types of digital signatures.

All signatures are not the same. Requiro Sign integrates all types of compliant recognition, from ID acquisition to recognition via RAO or SPID/CIE, without interrupting the workflow and the signing process.



No recognition needed.


Self-recognition with ID acquisition.


Recognition with RAO or through SPID/CIE credentials.

Create your own signature templates (and processes)

Design signature templates and grant permissions to your team or external collaborators.

Select the signature permissions you want to assign both inside and outside your organisation and create a secure, fast and specific corporate signing process for different areas and needs:

requiro sign
1. Name the model

according to your needs, e.g. spare parts contracts.

2. Appoint the signatories

internal or external, by simply entering their email address.

3. Define signature types:

Simple Electronic Signature - Advanced Electronic Signature - Qualified Electronic Signature.

4. Structure the signing process

by adding a document type and defining its characteristics such as mandatory.

5. Make it available locally or remotely

allowing the recipient to download it with a single click.

requiro sign

Notifications and alerts

Requiro Sign reports to you at all times on the progress of your signature processes and reminds you and your team of pending signature requests.