Requiro Ranger2

Bringing Robotic Process Automation to your administrative processes.

Requiro Ranger2 increases the level of automation and interaction with the client company's Tax Box by eliminating all manual, repetitive and low-value actions.

requiro ranger
requiro ranger

Automation of checks for total alignment withTax Box

Requiro Ranger2 is an executable file that is installed on a PC or Server:

Independently accesses

the Inland Revenue website.

Compares the contents of your Tax Box

with the received and/or transmitted electronic invoices in Requiro Cloud.

Integrates missing documents

without any manual intervention.

Restores the visibility

of the document on Requiro Cloud.

Performs 24-hour checks

checks even outside working hours without errors. The robot is always operational, overcoming any unavailability of the Agenzia delle Entrate site.

The access to Tax Box is also possible as a Distributor (intermediary). In this mode, professionals and companies that provide administrative services for other companies will also be able to use Requiro Ranger2.

Why should you automate the Tax Box checks?


in the event of an audit by the Italian Revenue Agency, the documents in the Tax Box are authoritative and not the contents of Requiro Cloud.

VAT deduction

if VAT is deducted on the basis of a courtesy invoice not in the Tax Box, penalties may be incurred.


if the purchase documents were not registered in the Tax Box, it would not be possible to have them available for cross-checking.

Your data is safe, also with SPID

Keeping pace with legislative developments, Requiro Ranger can be set up, in the planning phase, for dual authentication using SPID.

Access data are stored in encrypted form on your workstation and are never sent to Requiro Cloud in any way, ensuring maximum operational security.

safe data

Master Search Automation

Reduce the time spent searching for the data of companies and individuals for invoicing purposes:

Company Search

checks the invoicing data and the status of a customer based on the VAT number or Tax Code, comparing them with the Chamber of Commerce database, downloaded every 45 days. When activating the service, it is also possible to request data verification on foreign countries.

Natural Person Search

real-time verification of the correctness of the Tax Code and data of the natural person by the Inland Revenue website.

Bulk search

bulk verifies master data based on a CSV file upload.

Search via Web Service

data can also be checked by integrating Requiro Ranger with a web service of your own.