Requiro PEC+

One client for all your PEC mailboxes. The app designed for maximum security of your most important communications.

Requiro PEC+ allows optimal management of all domains and certified e-mail boxes in a single client.

In addition to complete and efficient multi-user and multi-company management, there is also the standardised Storage service that extends the 'life' and value of your PEC communications.

Storage completes the Requiro PEC+ offer, guaranteeing the legal value of all correspondences and their attachments beyond the classic 30 months offered by normal PEC providers.

A single interface allows you to monitor all document processes conveyed with PEC messages, defining roles, actions and permissions for secure operation by your employees

requiro pec
simplify the management of pec

Simplifies the management of PEC communications

  1. Single sign-on: access all PEC boxes with a single set of credentials.
  2. Mail client: displays all sent and received PEC communications in one place.
  3. Efficient management: Set up and manage roles, add and remove your own certified mailboxes quickly and easily.
  4. Preservation: define when to send communications for preservation and when to delete messages from the server.
  5. Integrated address book: stores useful mail addresses for your work team.

Management optimisation and security

  1. Archiving and storage of messages and attachments
  2. Integrated management of all receipts and exchanged messages
  3. Sharing of individual communications between offices
  4. Transparency of operations
optimisation and security
process efficency

Process efficiency

  • Single working environment
  • Mass mailing of PECs and circulars
  • Customisation of notifications and alerts
  • Automatic tracking of outcomes
  • Graphic visualisation of working states

Pec, why is it important to preserve it?

PEC, acceptance and delivery receipts: elements that take on the value of full legal proof.
This is a communication system capable of certifying the time of sending and successful delivery of a message by providing receipts enforceable against third parties.
Acceptance and delivery receipts constitute proof that a given document has been sent to a given address by certifying the date and time of transmission. Keeping PEC messages and sending receipts is a functional tool to provide us with a guarantee of legal proof of what has been transmitted and received.


It allows access to PEC mailboxes in total security, without having to use several dedicated clients.


All messages are downloaded and archived automatically, and then stored according to regulations.


It keeps track of user activity on all boxes and all messages received and sent.


Sharing PECs with other users, maintaining their legal value and tracking all operations performed by users with a mapped process.