Requiro Exchange

All your digital data flows in one app.

From invoicing to order management, with Requiro Exchange you can control in real time the transaction of all your documents on the data streams you manage with Requiro Cloud.

The e-Invoicing service is monitored by Requiro Exchange on document flows in and out of SdI.

Open the flow you decide to monitor and check everything Requiro Exchange is receiving or sending on your behalf on private (EDI), national (SdI) and pan-European (Peppol) data interchange systems.

requiro exchange
requiro exchange

Notifications and statuses

Each document is searchable using the "magnifying glass" icon or directly from the panel by setting the desired filter, and is marked by a status that identifies its processing status. All documents are issued by Requiro on behalf of the customer with a qualified electronic signature.

Requiro Exchange automatically updates document statuses and notifies you by email of the outcomes of the invoice sent.

In the event of non-delivery, even when SdI accepts the invoice, a copy of the same in XML/PDF is attached to the notification, to facilitate the communication to the addressee required by the regulations.

Digital data flows

Requiro Exchange can be configured to suit your business needs.

Requiro Exchange can be configured for the following data exchange channels:

SdI, EDI, NSO, SIAN, Peppol

But remember that we can take you….

requiro exchange
beyond european borders

Beyond European borders

In cooperation with our partner PAGERO, we export Requiro services to more than 31 countries, and bring your document management to wherever your business is.