Requiro Credit

Analyse the creditworthiness of your business partners.

The Requiro Credit App is a quick and intuitive tool for monitoring the credit situation of your customers, suppliers and business partners.

Together with your team, you can easily manage the processes of controlling and monitoring the creditworthiness and solvency of the companies you are interested in through the use and combination of national and international databases.

requiro credit
requiro credit

Search, manage and analyse

Requiro Credit allows you to:

Search for companies

you are interested in by entering one of the following fields: name; VAT number/tax code; Ateco code, province.

Create and manage public and private lists of companies

in order to constantly monitor the main risk assessment parameters such as reliability trend and assigned score.

Request detailed reports

on one or more companies. The report is provided within 5 days of the request and made available to all authorised users.