Requiro Control

Requiro Control is the Requiro Cloud app that allows full control over all the document processes provided by Archiva Group, with particular reference to the documents subject to the standard digital storage process.

requiro control
requiro control

At the service of your Storage Officer

With its three modules, Requiro Control enables complete governance of the digital storage processes and supports the Corporate Storage Officer in all the activities he or she is responsible for performing:

Document management

to check the processing status of documents.


to check the status of the Storage System.

Data Protection

to verify the data categories to be protected, the data subjects and processing activities in relation to the Requiro services.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, Requiro Control allows easy data management and supports the Corporate Storage Officer in producing the storage manual, through the "draft storage manual" function, which produces a semi-finished and pre-compiled document in compliance with the new AgID Guidelines.

requiro control document management

Requiro Control
Document Management

A module for viewing, managing and comparing stored data.

Type and number of documents to be sent for storage.
Type and number of documents actually stored.
Type and number of missing documents.

The user also has the possibility to compare the document history by year, querying the provider for each document type, providing a detailed view of the "Archiving Metadata".

The data rendered in graphical and numerical form are:
Metadata, Source Format (Digital, Analogue, Transmission Mode), Classification of Confidentiality, Storage Plan (Duration, Frequency), Checks (Exceptions, Missing Numbers), Download formats (.pdf, .doc).


Requiro Control

The module that enables the status of the Storage System to be constantly monitored.

Storage Manual

The Chief Storage Officer has the possibility to create a draft of the Data Controller's Storage Manual, generating a word document containing:

  • the requirements of the storage process;
  • the responsibilities and tasks of the Chief Storage Officer and the Manager of the Storage Service;
  • their modes of interaction.

The Manager has the possibility to upload the signed Data Controller's Storage Manual*, ready for storage.

*Due to the principle of independence ratified by the legislation, Archiva Group cannot validate the Manual on behalf of the Data Controller before uploading it

Storage Packages

In this area, the Storage Officer has the possibility to:

  • See a list of all the storage packages;
  • Search for storage packages by document type/year;
  • See details of the Storage Package.

The user, in the dedicated section, has the possibility to consult the details of the Storage Packages:

  • Name of the Storage Package;
  • Date of storage;
  • Document type;
  • Year of storage.

It is also possible to obtain an additional level of detail for each package.

Inspection report

Quickly generate comprehensive inspection reports and upload them to the app to demonstrate the control activity performed by the Chief Storage Officer, as required by the standard.
Inspection reports are archived chronologically and can therefore be searched over time.

The Preservation module offers a first and quick view of the main numerical features of the Storage System.

Number of documents acquired.
Number of gigabytes committed to document storage.
Availability of the service to users.
Interruptions of service to users.
Average delivery time of distribution packages.
% rejection of distribution packages due to user-detected errors.
% non-response to payments made.

RdC Assistant: security, control and governance

The robotic assistant developed to support the Conservation Manager, at the Holder's premises, in the exercise of the obligations of Control and Governance of the Regulatory Storage process, as defined by the AgID Guidelines.

Better control and governance over conservation processes.

The bot is integrated with the databases of the Archiva and Requiro Control Dashboard systems:
1) proactively notifies the Chief Conservation Officer when events occur that require an update of the Conservation Manual. 
2) suggests that the employees in charge inspect the dashboard and record an inspection report.

Automation to support the Conservation Manager

Thanks to Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, repetitive control actions are automated ensuring accuracy, continuity and constant updating without any human intervention.

Regulatory compliance support

The bot dialogues natively with the Requiro Control Dashboard, helps in monitoring the Conservation process and suggests when to draft or update the draft Manual in compliance with the AgID Guidelines.

rdc assistant