Electronic Invoice: new features on Letters of Intent and Cross Border Transactions

electronic invoice letters of intent and cross border transactions

As of 1 January 2022, two important innovations regarding electronic invoicing will come into force:

The use of special fields in the Xml layout to communicate information on letters of intent received. New rules for the telematic transmission of data on cross-border transactions to replace the esterometer.
The Revenue Agency, with the two measures 293384 and 293390 of 29 October 2021, has identified the operating procedures for the compilation of electronic invoices through which taxable persons will have to comply with the requirements.

Letters of Intent

From 1 January 2022, the measure requires the indication in the Nature Field of the specific code "N.3.5 - Non-taxable following declarations of intent".
In addition, in the block "Other Management Data", in the field " - Text reference", the protocol number of the received declaration must be entered, composed of two parts: the first 17 digits and the following 6 digits (separated by the character "-").
In the field " TipoDato" the word "INTENTO" must be reported, while in the field " - Riferimento data" the date of the telematic receipt issued by the Revenue Agency must be reported.

Although the compilation of the block "Other Management Data" is optional, any failure to use the fields indicated could generate a rejection, preventing SdI from activating the automatic control procedures on the specific fields.

Cross-border transactions

From 1 January 2022, data on transactions to and from entities not established in Italy must be sent using the XML format of the electronic invoice. Active invoice flows will continue to require the indication of the conventional seven-letter code "X" in the "Recipient Code" element. For passive foreign transactions, on the other hand, the integration or self-invoice must be sent using document types TD17, TD18 and TD19 by the fifteenth day of the month following the month in which the document is received or the transaction is carried out.