Process automation

Improving, Evolving, Growing is the destiny of every viable and successful company.

Goals that digital transformation brings closer and puts within your reach with process automation.

Archiva Group supports you in researching and developing leaner, more automated, trouble-free processes, with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and optimising workflows. We build with you the ideal solution for your company's unique needs.


Enhance your company.

What creates value in your company? And how much time do your employees spend on repetitive, low-value activities?

Data entry, preparing invoices, data processing, reporting, customer service, complaint handling and mass mailings are all time-consuming activities that can now be automated to achieve greater productivity and reduced costs, as well as save time and improve the customer experience.

Archiva brings Intelligent Automation to your company: the integration of human work with software solutions built on your company's internal processes allows you to focus your attention on growing and finding new business opportunities.

EDI communications

Exchanging documents electronically.

Think how much time could be saved if your business systems were able to communicate directly with your business partners: a normal purchase order, invoice, or quote could be processed in a fraction of the time required in the normal process.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), the standard format for exchanging business information between companies, makes this possible.

Thanks to the EDI by Archiva solution you can eliminate downtime in all daily activities that currently hinder normal administrative work, such as document processing, order delivery, partner relations, transaction monitoring and reporting.


edi communications

EDI will help you to:

Save time

by speeding up document transmission, reducing errors.

Reduce costs

by up to 70% compared to the equivalent paper-based management.

Improve efficiency

and productivity by eliminating time-consuming activities and allocating resources to core activities.

Reduce errors

caused by manual processing.

Improve traceability

and reporting by having instant visibility of your transitions.

NSO orders

Does your company work with the Italian National Health System? Then you know the importance of transmitting documents that are always correct and complete to the Order Sending Node (NSO).

Requiro Cloud simplifies all the procedures towards the NSO and supports your administration in the day-to-day operations of managing orders, attachments and additional data, monitoring outcomes and storing documents.

nso orders

Automating the process with Requiro Cloud allows you to:

Receive electronic orders

and send replies to public partners.

Have visibility

of incoming and outgoing documents and monitor the progress of sent communications.

Ensure the regulatory compliance

of documents.

Reduce errors

caused by manual processing.

Achieve greater precision

in data management thanks to a single order control portal.

Accounts receivable cycle automation

Dematerialisation of the sales process.

Nothing in a company is as fundamental as accurate document management of the accounts receivable cycle.

Profits, opportunities and credibility depend on it. Often we notice very complex networks of procedures and business processes; Archiva Group can support you in streamlining the management of all steps by introducing automatisms with a consequent improvement of speed and control.

Intervening in these processes certainly means seizing an opportunity to work on achieving better management, governance and reliability of information and, ultimately, to maximise revenues.


accounts receivable cycle automation

What are the concrete advantages of automating one or more steps of the active cycle?

Greater speed

in customer relations and trade, with a reduction in operating costs.

Increased efficiency

by eliminating errors caused by human distraction or incomplete data provided in the course of work.

Better management

of regulatory document.

Reduce errors

of inforrmation flows and data: processes are organised more logically and, as a result, are carried out more quickly.

Greater control

over the process and sales forecasts thanks to the tracking of individual operations.

Minimising waste

by optimising production flows.

Accounts payable cycle automation

Digitising the pre-sales processes.

Have you ever noticed small inefficiencies in the accounts payable cycle phases of your company?

Long invoicing and payment delays, transmission errors, additional management costs; these are all small issues that, when solved, improve all the business processes involving entities, suppliers and warehouse.


accounts payable cycle automation

For your company, digitising and automating communication and document exchange processes in the accounts payable cycle means:


the accounts payable invoicing and payment times.

Reducing the times

required for data entry, checking and balancing invoices.


transmission errors and the need to subsequently rework documents.

Timely access

to information and data through easier storage, consultation and sharing.


in forecasting expenses and earnings.

Greater flexibility

in remote consultation to meet new mobility needs.

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