Expense report management

Manage your employees' expenses quickly and without errors.

Digitising the expense management process gives you complete and error-free control over the entire process of managing, approving and controlling your team's expense reports.

A complete process, from acquisition to regulatory storage, which facilitates your activities and those of your colleagues on the move by simplifying the work of the administrative office.

expense report management

Managing this process digitally will help you to:

Reduce activities

that waste time without generating value.

Reduce errors

through a monitored digital process.

Eliminate the costs

of storing and displaying documents in accordance with the law, ensuring full compliance.

Eliminating the need

to keep the paper receipts of travelling employees.

Automatically reconcile

expense reports not only with the invoices received but also with the relative credit card movements.

A service that can be tailored 
to meet your needs.

Together we will structure the ideal solution for your company based on your real needs. Our proposal covers the entire expense report management process, which all too often is only seen in the data acquisition part, and not in the administrative component, which involves chasing the traveller to acquire the receipt or fuel card.

  1. Captio, acquisition and generation of expense reports.
  2. Reconciliation of expense accounts and electronic invoices and/or reconciliation of expense accounts and credit card statements.
  3. Compliant storage.

entering expense reports

Entering expense reports

Captio reduces the time spent managing expense reports by 75%.

Captio is the leading cloud-based platform in the European market, chosen by Archiva Group for mobile expense reporting. The application provides your employees with intuitive use and easy access directly from smartphones and tablets.

+ 70%

efficiency of expenditure control.

- 12%


+ 68%

more efficient validation process.

Expense reconciliation

Optimises the verification and control process.

Thanks to Requiro Cloud, your administrative department no longer has to worry about the often time-consuming and error-prone process of reconciliation.

Captio can dialogue with Requiro Cloud, allowing the automatic reconciliation of:

  • Expense reports recorded in Captio and electronic invoices received from the Interchange System, relating to purchases reported.
  • Expense notes recorded in Captio and credit card movements recorded in the account statement.

expense reconciliation
expense report management compliant storage

Compliant storage

Your expense reports are digitally stored.

You no longer need to worry about storing your documents in compliance with the law, as Archiva Group digitally stores your employees' expense reports and relevant receipts and allows them to be consulted on the Requiro Cloud platform. This solution eliminates the need to receive documents in paper form and enables the online certified presentation of electronic and analogue documents in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

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