Customs documentation management

Control and security for the management of your customs documents.

The management and control of export documentation is a complex task. Digitising this process will help you to control it accurately and have a complete overview of all documents.

The benefits

Respect the timeframes

set by the Customs Agency for processing the documents required by the regulations (Invoice, Customs Bill/SAD and notification of the Movement Reference Number) avoiding possible VAT charges.

Reduce document management costs

by collecting documents directly online at the Requiro Cloud portal.

Cut document processing times

by automating manual file management tasks.

Speed up data consultation

and status analysis while ensuring security and regulatory compliance.

A process configured to your business

Selling outside or inside the EU?

The configuration of the process is fully customised according to your needs and sales activities, and is therefore divided into two modules:

Extra-EU sales
Intra-EU sales
selling outside or inside the eu?
manage customs documentation extra eu sales

Extra-EU sales
Exporting outside the EU

Manage customs documentation and avoid penalties.

We support you in processing export documentation outside the European Union in accordance with article 8 of Italian Presidential Decree no. 633/72, managing in particular: non-EU sales invoices; SAD and MRN.

The solution proposed by Archiva Group allows you to digitise the following activities:

Invoice and SAD processing.
MRN recovery.
Display of documents online.
Verification of the closure of procedures

in compliance with the deadlines required by the Customs Agency and preparation of reports containing the list of incomplete procedures and the relevant deadline.

Invoice matching

with the corresponding customs bill and creation of detailed reports with evidence of non-associated invoices.

Report of summary information

regarding the completeness of customs documentation available on Requiro Cloud.

manage customs documentation intra eu sales

Intra-EU sales
Exporting within the EU

Automate the management of intra-EU sales documents.

Making the information management process more streamlined, digitised and automated helps you minimise the risk of disputes from the tax authorities by monitoring the status of your procedures.

Digitising the management of documents required for intra-EU sales reduces the time spent by the administration team on:

Creating and monitoring documentation.
Reconciling supporting data.
Self-declaration by the transferor.
Document digitisation.
Data retention.

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