Improve efficiency and reduce costs by optimising your business strategy.

Successful companies generally manage their business processes very efficiently. Is this just a coincidence?

We can say that it is not always clear within a company who does what and in what order. Business processes are the key to describing how a company operates on a day-to-day basis and often a chaotic landscape emerges from an initial analysis.


In every small, medium or large business, there are processes that can be modelled, are repetitive and involve people.

Every company, and no doubt yours too, has created 'customised' solutions over time (spreadsheets, databases, 'adapted' platforms, emails or sheets of paper), but these are neither efficient nor controllable.

You know what the consequences of these are: lost time, delays, mistakes, misunderstandings between people, increased costs and lost earnings.

These small inefficiencies risk becoming consequences that affect your business: delayed deliveries and payments, quality issues, time spent on low value-added work.

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We strengthen your company by increasing its value and turnover

In order to strive for efficiency, the activities of a process must be clear, as well as the roles of each actor and the information they use and create. In order to gain proof of how the process is going and understand how it is working, we use the data we have.

Archiva Group helps you to adapt your business plan thanks to BPM (Business Process Management) which uses various methods to analyse, measure, improve and optimise your strategy and the processes at the heart of your activities.

BPM does not observe individual tasks but analyses the whole process, focusing on repeatable processes.

Our aim is to support you in streamlining your workflows to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.

Implementing BPM allows you to analyse the situation, and evaluate and identify areas for improvement to achieve greater efficiency.

Archiva Group structures a tailor-made solution for you, supporting you in every single phase of the optimisation process of internal activities with respect to your existing processes, your company structure, the areas of improvement and the business objectives you have set yourself. A succession of steps that require your cooperation.

Why should you invest in a BPM solution?

Increased organisational value is the result of the sum of a number of benefits from which your company can also benefit:

Improving productivity and reducing costs

BPM systems help to optimise existing processes and introduce new ones by eliminating the bottlenecks that slow down activities. Greater agility helps business development run at a faster pace.

Eliminating repetitive work and ensuring easy access to information

Clear and streamlined workflows improve team productivity.

Scalability of processes

Automating workflows facilitates the scalability of processes in other geographic areas by bringing out new business development opportunities.

Increased collaboration, transparency and accountability

The automation of business processes clearly defines the roles and tasks within the organisation. This encourages greater communication between teams.

A BPM platform allows you to have a single platform:

Where you can find and check the status and progress of processes.

In which to identify lead times and areas for process improvement.

Able to define flows and people to be involved.

Capable of automatically transmitting activities to the person responsible for the next step.

That includes timely and comprehensive statistics and reports.

Without a company boundary, but which can involve people from different organisations.

That also classifies as an efficient, accurate and secure database.

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